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specialized in stand up paddle and crystal-clear kayak boarding.

Stand up paddle boarding is more than just a sport, its a way to see and explore our natural surroundings, a tool to travel and connect with nature, a state of mind, a lifestyle. It teaches us how to respect and appreciate our natural surroundings.


Experience a breathtaking SUP & Transparent Kayak adventure!

Our guided tour includes stand-up paddle boarding with a chance to snorkel and discover what lies underneath the surface of the water. It’s a chance for visitors and residents to get an up-close and personal view of what Zakynthos has to offer.


take a 100% clear kayak guided tour with us today .

With our completely clear kayaks you are sure to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with our top-notch guides + team. We take you where there is a world of wonder around you, but also, under you!


watch the turtles in their natural environment

Laganas beach has been a reproduction place for the world-famous Caretta sea turtle. Their egg-laying period coincides with the summer vacations. During July and August, the female turtles come ashore to bury their eggs about 50 cm in the sand. The warm sand causes the eggs to hatch and the baby turtles emerge 8 weeks later, immediately heading to the moonlit sea.

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Experience a breathtaking stand up paddle adventure!!!

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