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Your swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, and a rush guard Lycra is recomented during the sunny hours.  

The short answer is… Yes.

We provide all necessary waterproof gear and the kayaks are extremely stable but a bit amount of water is normal to enter inside the kayak. On SUP Board of course you will get wet …this is the point 🙂

You should allow approximately 2.5-3 hours from your time of arrival to departure.

The only type of weather that will affect your trip is strong winds. Rain, no problem! In the unfortunate event that strong winds force us to cancel a trip we will let you know as soon as possible and offer you priority booking on another tour.

  1. All equipment.
  2. A unique and unforgettable tour that will help you escape and relax.
  3. Discover the hidden world of Laganas bay
  4. Total immersion in the magnificent and unspoilt scenery of Cameo Island

You can pay on arrival with cash or card.

We have no problem with you bringing a camera/phone however we don’t take any responsibility for it. We would hate for you to drop it into the water but if you’re happy to take it we are happy to pose for photos.

We would encourage you to book at least one day in advance to give you the best chance of joining our tours.

No previous experience is needed to join our tours. Our kayaks are extremely stable and easy to use. Your guide will give you a few pointers before the tour starts; all you need to know in order to control your own boat. It’s easy, we promise!

Peacefully glide through the waters of Laganas BayA kayak offers us the opportunity to get close to nature, whilst also being eco-friendly. While you are on a guided tour you are in control of your own craft, this gives you the freedom to explore with a guide never far away. As you sit comfortably in your kayak, watching the world go by or gazing into the stars, you will find there are few things more relaxing. Kayaking is an activity for all ages, whatever your level of fitness.

For the paddler’s safety and comfort in Kayaks, 90Kg is the per person weight limit. On SUPs you can be as much you want (:. It certainly depends on your body-type, so exceptions have certainly been made!

All our guides are Wilderness First-Aid/CPR certified. We pride in ourselves in our thorough PADI Diving Training which includes hours of rescue skill practice.

Absolutely! We have storage at our Surf Base location Porto Koukla Beach Hotel for day bags and small luggage.

We never guaranty that we will see turtles. GOSUP SURF IS NOT FOR SEA WORLD PEOPLE WHO EXPECT ALL SPECIES OF LIFE TO PERFORM ON THEIR TIME! We are the original  First  GOSUP SURF in Zakynthos Island with 10 years diving and guiding tours in these waters. Being small allows us to maintain quality customer service, hire and train only the very best guides and continue to provide top of the line crystal clear kayaks, SUPs and quality gear in excellent condition



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